Thursday, October 16, 2008

the threat

October 16th, 2008

7:50 am

Raise the blinds. See the sky. Gray and threatening. Not only rain. But the cold and all that comes after. Plenty of people waking slow today. Wanting to move the body back into bed. But what's the use? The day will go on anyway. And we've all got a better shot at winning, coming out on top, learning along the way, if we're up and at it. Taking the days on no matter the threat of darkness and rain.

Pressure building. The change is in full swing. Not only for the seasons, but for these fingers against these keys. Now, with limbs and leaves falling and colors easing to gray, it's especially important to stay focused. The trick is recognizing that focus often requires distraction. In order to stay on track, one must take a back road once in a while. Vary the routine. Break away from the norm.

It's said an awful lot, but I'll say it more.

It's the little things.

Stealing ten minutes as the day unwinds and evening wraps round to read "Paper Lion". A book I've had for months, but have only read in spurts. One that I can already tell could have been much shorter, but one that I'll continue to chop away at because it is about something I like—football—and written by Plimpton, the old guru of The Paris Review.

An afternoon beer. Like yesterday. Head swelling with worry. Heart pounding urgency. I cracked a can. Poured a glass. Began to relax. Sat down at the desk and before I knew it, I was three pages away from the place I began—just another tired man seeking escape.

Waking on the heels of very little sleep. A night cut short and put into perspective by a two year old. Disgusted with Mommy and Daddy. Screaming, crying, and flailing with fury. Up and angry wanting his way. Until an exhausted Mommy had had enough and pulled a new negotiating skill out of the bag. One that sent all of us to sleep. Happier. Relieved. So that we could wake. Raise the blinds. See the sky. Gray and threatening. But not let it deter us from taking part in another day. One that can easily get away if we are not up and at it. Taking all of it on. No matter the threat of darkness or rain.

Here's to you taking on the day.

~ K.J.

(copyright © 2008 by K.J. Stevens)

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