Thursday, September 11, 2008


September 11th, 2008
7:29 AM

We all know what today is so there's no use saying it. Sometimes that's best. To keep quiet. Reflect in one's own way without it being scripted, directed, organized by someone else.

It was a horrible day. Planes into buildings and the ground. Bodies out of windows. Lives altered in one fell swoop. Like a tsunami. An earthquake. Any large scale natural disaster. Only it wasn't natural.

It was made by man.

But maybe it was natural.

The way we treat each other. Human to human in this world. Nothing surprises me anymore. People doing all they can to differentiate themselves from other people. When all we have to do is recognize our commonality.

We wake and rise. Breathe. We eat and drink. We sleep. More alike at the core than we can realize. Than we can admit. Because we're busy allowing our humanity to be washed away. By dogma. Superstition. Ignorance.

But that's too much to handle so early in the morning. And old Stevens is only filled with generalizations. More questions than answers. Silly hope.
It is always so much more than words.

And it's refreshing this morning. The chilled air. Hot cup of coffee. And I'm amazed that I'm fortunate enough to have another crack at it. That I woke up next to S.B., to dogs wagging their tails, and to great promise radiating in the clear blue sky.

It's a gift. All of this. And it's up to us if we want to be grateful receivers. If we want to take this day and give our best. Not only to ourselves and our families, but to everyone. Because when you give your best and give it with humility, you are doing what was intended. Following the roots, the lesson, the guidance that was given to you long ago.

If we could only strip away the layers. Return to the place that exists deep. Before planes and buildings. These man made things that do not last. We'd see.

There is only this.


Enamored with the simple act of communicating.

Striving to understand.

~ K.J.

(copyright 2008 by K.J. Stevens)

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