Friday, May 2, 2008

spring storm

May 2nd, 2008

12:33 pm

Train down the tracks. Rumbling and thumping. Shaking the core and blending with the sound that passenger jets make as they amble through dark clouds.

And thunder comes.

Deep within the eardrums. To shake big fat raindrops from the sky.

There is a storm out there. Ready to break loose. Tear apart this early Friday afternoon. And take away this nearly perfect day. One ripe with creativity. Fit for writing and for drinking.

But it’s too soon after noon to pour anything besides water. And since my fingers are on the keys. Putting together today’s entry. I suppose we’ll call this writing and get right at it. Straightaway and sure.

We aren’t in Alpena anymore. Mount Pleasant’s dead and gone. And we’re far enough away from Saint Paul that we don’t have to worry about all the things we had hoped we’d be.

After all, we’ve made it. And we’re here. No money in the bank. Bills piling up. But goddammit, we’re here. Solid and true. Still at the words. Working with balance. Heart and mind. Dreams and reality. Everything we thought we’d find if only we’d buck up, shed the bullshit, and move ahead like a man.

A blast of lightning through the sky. White hot and instantaneous.

The past seems so small. The future so big and growing. Inch by inch, like Little Man asleep in his bed. Teddy bear pulled tight to his cheek.

And day by day with S.B.. Doing whatever it takes to build this solid foundation. Our home away from home. Decisions to be made. Vows to take and uphold.

More thunder. The jets. Another train. The rain has discovered its rhythm. Is serenading this concrete and blacktop world with the promise of cleansing.

And the grass is getting greener.

The leaves a brighter shade.

And solid is the core that shaking creates when we are unafraid of the storm.

~ K.J.

(copyright 2008 by k.j. stevens)

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